Bliq Photonics manufactures high performance, reliable and user-friendly imaging solutions for researchers.


Bliq Photonics manufactures custom made imaging systems and designs their proprietary operating software. Bliq Photonics is based in Quebec City where the company has its research and manufacturing laboratories. Bliq Photonics can count on a team of experts and patented technologies to offer high-performance and unique imaging capabilities.

Unique Solutions

Bliq Photonics manufactures the system that you really need thanks to patented and innovative technologies.

User-Friendly Experience

We design intuitive and user-friendly imaging software for researchers.

Reliable Solutions

Our solutions are always working for you, day in, day out.

Improved Performance

Aiming at obtaining potent results, our systems allow you to have access to enhanced resolution.


«To contribute to the improvement of medicine by putting forward innovation and technology for researchers. Bliq manufactures high-performance, reliable and user-friendly imaging solutions».

Bliq Photonics believes in hard work where satisfaction is central to the company’s focus. Bliq Photonics offers user-friendly systems where technology and innovation are targeting the exact needs of researchers. Today’s scientists have specific imaging needs but must also manage limited budget. Bliq Photonics has decided to address this problematic by proposing innovative, reliable and custom-made solutions where considerable efforts and resources are put into understanding and manufacturing solutions that are well adapted to specific workflows.


Mindful of Your Demands

Our experimented sales and R&D teams will understand your needs and will propose the solution that you really need so you can focus on your research.

Smooth Implementation

Our team specialized in imaging solutions will be there to offer you a complete training so you can quickly put your new system to work at its highest performance.

Increased Support

Bliq Photonics’ team of engineers offers technical support that is available at all time to support you in the use of your imaging system


Daniel Côté
Daniel Côté
After graduating in physics from Université Laval and obtaining his doctorate degree in physics at the University of Toronto, Daniel Côté completed two postdoctoral internships at the Ontario Cancer Institute and at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine of Harvard Medical School. Full Professor at Université Laval, Daniel Côté is part of the Centre d’optiquePhotonique et Laser and also part of the Research Center of the University Institute in Mental Health of Quebec (CRIUSMQ) which hosts the Neurophotonics Center.

He is also the chief technology officer for the Canadian Neurophotonics platform, in addition to being the director of the Translational Photo-Medicine at the CRIUSMQ. Daniel Côté holds the position of director of research and development, and director of production at Bliq Photonics.

Éric Lebel
Éric Lebel
Biochemistry graduate, Eric Lebel pursued doctoral studies in neuroscience. He subsequently joined a large optical company for over 10 years, where he held the role of specialist in scientific imaging, confocal and multiphoton microscopy to seniority. He then became regional director and occupied the role of Canadian liaison for R&D. This experience enabled him to become a specialist in photonic and microscopy markets, with critical knowledge to understand the needs of customers and how to address them adequately. Eric Lebel is the business development director in addition of being the President at Bliq Photonics.
Mathieu Champagne
Mathieu Champagne
Graduating in business studies at Université Laval, Mathieu Champagne was involved in startups, business growth and management for over 10 years. Passionate entrepreneur, Mathieu Champagne now uses his business expertise and network of contacts to the benefit of Bliq Photonics. His past experience has allowed him to gain valuable skills for managing all stages of a company’s growth . Mathieu is director of operations and finance at Bliq Photonics.
Benoît Aubé
Benoît Aubé
M.Sc. engineer in physics with 5 years of experience as a specialist in multiphoton imaging in the neuroimmunology group of the Hospital Center of Laval University (CHUL) in Quebec City.
Pierre Desaulniers
Pierre Desaulniers
MSc, engineer in physics with over 10 years of expertise in optical design and imaging.



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